How to Uninstall Xcode App on Mac

How to Uninstall Xcode on Mac

Xcode is a program developed by Apple to assist developers in facilitating iOS and Mac app development. Xcode can be utilized to write codes, test programs, and enhance and invent apps. However, the downside of Xcode is its large size and the temporary cache files or junks created while running the program, which would occupy much storage for dragging down the speed of Mac. And because of it, it’s usually hard to completely uninstall it on your Mac.

Therefore, if you wish to get rid of the Xcode app and free up its created junk files on Mac, you can refer to this post, in which we will provide 3 easy and useful ways to uninstall the program. Please scroll down and continue reading!

Part 1. A Quick Way to Uninstall Xcode from Mac

For people who are still coming around the way to getting started, or are afraid of the risky and complicated process, utilizing a professional clean-up application to get Xcode uninstalled would be a rational choice. MobePas Mac Cleaner is such an uninstallation app, which offers an effortless assistant to uninstall apps and clear the related junk files from Mac throughout.

MobePas Mac Cleaner includes the following sparking features that have attracted lots of users:

  • Auto deletion of all related files: It helps to uninstall the app and also the caches, preferences, logs, and so forth for cleaning up the app completely.
  • Easy-using main feed: Provide a clean interface and easy-to-understand functions for processing the application uninstallation.
  • 8 cleanup modes: There are 8 cleaning modes provided to clean up your Mac throughout to speed up the performance again.
  • Multilingual interface: It delivers 7 foreign languages to enable the services to help global users clean up their Macs easily.

Well, to learn about MobePas Mac Cleaner more comprehensively, now, the following steps will walk you through the details on how to uninstall Xcode utilizing the app. Don’t worry, the manipulation will be simple.

Step 1. First, free download and install MobePas Mac Cleaner on a Mac computer. Subsequently, run the app and prepare to uninstall Xcode.

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Step 2. Please select Uninstaller from the left navigation menu, then tap the Scan button to initiate the scanning process and let MobePas Mac Cleaner detect all the installed apps.

MobePas Mac Cleaner Uninstaller

Step 3. When the apps are listed in the previewing list, scroll and select Xcode. Check the box and preview as well as select the related cache files or documents to remove at the same time.

uninstall app on mac

Step 4. Eventually, tap the Clean button and MobePas Mac Cleaner will start resolving the Xcode uninstallation process for you.

How to Delete Apps on Mac Completely

When the uninstallation is completed, your Mac will retrieve the storage and run back in faster performance again. You can enjoy the speedy programming functions of the computer again!

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Part 2. How to Uninstall Xcode on Mac Manually

The manipulation for uninstalling the newer version of Xcode, including Xcode 10, 11, or higher from on Mac is not a tough job as well. In the following, learn how to uninstall Xcode from Mac properly by yourself without taking advantage of third-party software.

Uninstall Xcode App

It would be simple to uninstall the Xcode app on Mac. People only need to go to the Applications folder and drag the Xcode app to the Trash bin. When this procedure is done, empty the Trash bin and the Xcode app will be deleted permanently from Mac.

How to Uninstall Xcode on Mac

Delete the Rest Xcode Files

As the app is uninstalled, it is also time for us to delete the rest Xcode files as well:

1. Run Finder and click on Go > Folder.

2. Type in ~/Library/Developer/ for accessing the Developer folder.

3. Right-click on the folder to delete it.

How to Uninstall Xcode on Mac

After going through these two uninstallation parts, you get the Xcode removed from your Mac completely! Congrats!

Part 3. How to Uninstall Xcode with Terminal

When it comes to the earlier versions of Xcode, such as Xcode 7 or 8, it would be better to proceed with the uninstallation utilizing Terminal on Mac to ensure the throughout cleaning. The following steps can be your reference to resolve the proper Xcode uninstallation:

1. Run Terminal on Mac and enter the following sudo:

/Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

2. Confirm the admin password to authorize the sudo to run.

3. When the script stops running, quit Terminal. At this time, Xcode is removed successfully.

How to Uninstall Xcode on Mac

When the Xcode app is uninstalled, process one more procedure to clear the application cache for retaining much storage now:

1. On your Mac computer, please search ~/Library/Caches/ for accessing the folder.

2. When you discover the left files created by Xcode, remove them as well.

How to Uninstall Xcode on Mac


To sum up, MobePas Mac Cleaner provides a smart application uninstallation service to enable a more convenient Xcode deleting process, while the basic Finder and Terminal ways require manual manipulation, but they won’t need to install third-party software. Concluded from these aspects, select the most appropriate option for yourself and get rid of the storage occupation brought by Xcode in no time.

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How to Uninstall Xcode App on Mac
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