How to Play Spotify Music on Twitch?

How to Play Spotify on Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform for us to enjoy entertainment with other people online. You can enjoy your music tracks here, open a live streaming room for chatting, or share gaming videos. Now, many of you are using Twitch most time. As for streaming music, Twitch has built several extensions in its Twitch TV, including Amazon Music, Discord, etc. You may ask can you listen to Spotify on Twitch? Is there any way to stream Spotify music on Twitch? The answer is yes! In this post, I’ll show you some methods to play Spotify on Twitch.

Part 1. Can I Play Spotify on My Twitch Stream?

We used to enjoy our music tracks freely on Twitch before 2015, people could listen to their music tracks during the broadcasts at that time, without worrying the copyright infringement. However, Twitch is now strictly prohibiting the use of copyrighted music, which means you cannot listen to Spotify on Twitch. Meanwhile, Spotify always protects its music tracks with special encryption codes, so we can only stream Spotify music within its app. Both troubled us a lot. According to Twitch, there are only three types of music that can be accessed within Twitch, they’re either owned by you or licensed to you, or the music is added to your live streams with Soundtrack by Twitch. For details, you can consult this page.

Part 2. What Happens If I Play Spotify on Twitch without Licensed Permission?

As a result of the DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT (DMCA) complaint, Twitch will issue a “strike” [warning] to your channel. Once receive three hits, your channel will be immediately blocked. Such “strikes” have no expiration date, and they will disappear only when the copyright owner cancels the complaint (which means it’s almost impossible).

Part 3. How to Get Spotify on Twitch in 2 Ways

To stream music from Spotify on Twitch, we’ve found alternative ways. One is to gain royalty-free Spotify playlists to avoid copyright infringement, the other is the best way to enjoy Spotify music on Twitch without a premium account. You can check them below.

Available Royalty-Free Spotify Songs on Twitch

Only those licensed or owned music tracks can be accessed within Twitch, so you may need to pay attention to some royalty-free Spotify playlists as they may appear occasionally. You can navigate and find the available songs without copyrights. So, here I’ve collected several platforms or playlists that may work for you:

  • Soundtrack by Twitch – It is Twitch’s copyright-free music platform. You can access multiple songs in different genres. Artists can submit their music for use. And it is also good for small artists to get exposure and get their songs to be heard by more people.
  • OWN3D – You can find Spotify playlists on their website. They’ve offered over 200 LoFi and Synthwave royalty-free songs for us to use without any cost.
  • StreamBeats – It is run by stream doctor Harris Heller and is used with Twitch’s ToS.
  • Taketones – It is a website that collects all of the royalty-free music you need in one place. All of the music on this website is designed for commercial use. And you don’t even need to edit the tracks as they were offered as 15-, 30-, and 60-second versions to match your different kinds of needs.
  • Bass Rebels Streaming Playlist – They provide a link to the royalty-free music in their playlists.
  • Please pay attention to their descriptions and make sure they’re from a safe source, otherwise, you may in risk of being warned.
  • Stream scheme – You can find royalty-free music for Twitch on this website. And they gathered multiple streaming music sources without copyrights on their website. You can check them on its home page.

Stream Spotify on Twitch Forever without Premium

When you find those uncopyrighted Spotify songs, you can just click the play button to listen to them. If you don’t have a premium account, then you may need to deal with the constant appearing ads many times. And only when you subscribe to the Spotify premium plan can you download Spotify music songs. So, can I download Spotify music and play it on Twitch without premium? That will be possible if you use MobePas Music Converter.

MobePas Music Converter is a professional Spotify Music Converter. You can remove the OGG format and convert Spotify music to 6 kinds of common audio formats, including MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC, and AAC. So, you can stream Spotify on Twitch or other devices without any hassle. Now, you can start your conversion as soon as possible with the following steps.

Key Features of MobePas Music Converter

  • Download Spotify playlists, songs, and albums with free accounts easily
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, and other audio formats
  • Keep Spotify music tracks with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Remove ads and DRM protection from Spotify music at a 5× faster speed

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Step 1. Add Spotify Music to MobePas Music Converter

You need to get a registration code to enter the main interface to proceed to the next steps. MobePas Music Converter requires to work with Spotify at the same time, so please install the Spotify app in advance. When you open MobePas Music Converter, the Spotify app will run simultaneously. You can browse your music library and load your favorite song to the program by clicking Share > Copy Link. Then you need to paste the link to the search bar. Or you can drag and drop to add files.

Spotify Music Converter

Step 2. Select the Output Formats for Spotify Music

You can set the output formats and customize some parameters under the menu settings. Please click the menu icon on the top right of the interface, then choose Preferences > Convert to set up. I suggest you set MP3 as the output audio format. You can also set the output archives to manage your music library under the same setting window. The conversion speed is as the default. You can change it to 1× for a more stable conversion if you want.

Set the output format and parameters

Step 3. Start to Convert Spotify Music to MP3

Now click the Convert button to start your conversion. You can convert a batch of music files at a time without waiting for so long. When finished, click the Converted icon to check your converted music files.

download Spotify playlist to MP3

Step 4. Play Spotify music on Twitch

Congratulations! You’ve converted Spotify music into local files. Then you can play Spotify on Twitch or any other devices offline at any time. To stream Spotify music on Twitch, now you need to add these converted files to Streamlabs OBS and set up audio for Twitch. Here is the how-to guide:

  • Launch the Streamlabs OBS.
  • Click the + button on the source page.
  • Select Media Source > Add Source and name it.
  • Choose the converted files from the folder and click Done.

Hope you enjoy a pleasant time listening to Spotify music on Twitch.


In the above discussion, we’ve explained several ways to play Spotify on Twitch. The best way is to utilize MobePas Music Converter. You can download Spotify music and listen to them at any time without a premium. Why not install MobePas Music Converter and have a try? Looking forward to your sharing with us.

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How to Play Spotify Music on Twitch?
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