Mac Cleaner Tips

How to Delete System Log Files on Mac

Some users have noticed plenty of system logs on their MacBook or iMac. Before they can clear the log files on macOS or Mac OS X and get more space, they have questions like these: what is the system log? Can I delete crashreporter logs on Mac? And how to delete system logs from Sierra, […]

How to Remove Mail Attachments from Mac’s Mail App

My 128 GB MacBook Air is about to run out of space. So I checked the storage of the SSD disk the other day and was surprised to find that the Apple Mail takes up an insane amount – about 25 GB – of disk space. I never thought that the Mail could be such […]

[2024] How to Remove Malware from Mac

Malware or harmful software is one of the causes of the destruction of desktops and mobile devices. It is a code file that is often distributed through the Internet. Malware infects, examines, steals, or performs nearly any action desired by an attacker. And these bugs have spread increasingly rapidly as technology has advanced in recent […]

How to Delete Temporary Files on Mac

When we are cleaning up the Mac to free up the storage, the temporary files would easily be neglected. Unexpectedly, they would probably waste GBs of storage unconsciously. Therefore, deleting temporary files on Mac regularly can bring much storage back to us again. In this post, we will introduce you to several effortless ways to […]

How to Delete Search History on Mac

Summary: This post is about how to clear search history, web history, or browsing history on the computer in a simple way. Manually deleting history on Mac is feasible but time-consuming. So on this page, you’ll see a quick way to clear the browsing history on MacBook or iMac. Web browsers store our browsing history. […]

How to Delete Downloads on Mac (2024 Update)

In daily use, we usually download many applications, pictures, music files, etc. from browsers or through e-mails. On a Mac computer, all downloaded programs, photos, attachments, and files are saved to the Download folder by default, unless you have changed the downloading settings in Safari or other applications. If you haven’t cleaned up the Download […]

[2024] 6 Best Uninstallers for Mac to Remove Apps on Mac

It’s easy to remove apps from your Mac. However, hidden files that usually take up a large proportion of your disk can’t be completely removed by simply dragging the app into the trash. Therefore, app uninstallers for Mac are created to help users delete applications as well as leftover files effectively and safely. Here is […]

[2024] 11 Best Ways to Speed up a Slow Mac

When people heavily rely on Macs to deal with daily jobs, they are turning to face a problem as days go by – as there are more files stored and programs installed, the Mac runs slowly gradually, which affects the working efficiency on some days. Therefore, speeding up a slow Mac would be a must-do […]

Mac Won’t Update? Quick Ways to Update Mac to The Latest macOS

Have you ever been greeted with error messages when you were installing the Mac update? Or have you spent a long time downloading the software for updates? A friend told me recently that she can’t update her Mac because the computer got stuck during the installation process. She had no idea how to fix it. […]

[2024] How to Free up Storage on Mac

When your startup disk is full-on MacBook or iMac, you may be prompted with a message like this, which asks you to delete some files to make more space available on your startup-up disk. At this point, how to free up storage on a Mac can be a problem. How to check the files taking […]

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