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Visualize, manage and free up your storage space on Mac in just one click. The Best Mac Cleaner Optimized for macOS Monterey & M1 Pro/Max Macs

All-in-one Mac Cleaner Tool

MobePas Mac Cleaner is an excellent Mac cleaning app that is made for boosting your Mac performance. With this handy Mac Cleaner app, you can keep your Mac hard drive storage fit and always running blazingly fast.

Smart Scan

Scan the system cache and remove them to free up space.

Large & Old Files

Clear the files with large size and unused in a long time.


Completely remove the apps and the caches from the computer.


Protect your privacy with clearing browser's caches and history.


Manage the plugins to improve your Mac performance.


Shred the unwanted files and folders and they cannot be recovered.

Clean Up Mac Cache Junk, In One Click

Does your Mac feel bloated and running slower than normal? Not a problem. MobePas Mac Cleaner gives you an instant Mac cleaning and maintenance solution by wiping out those temporary files, app leftovers, and your system cache.
Clean Up Mac Cache Junk, In One Tap
Completely Uninstall Apps You Don't Use

Completely Uninstall Apps You Don't Use

Do you know moving an app to the Trash will not uninstall it completely? These app leftovers still remain on your Mac taking up a lot of storage. Let MobePas Mac Cleaner remove these unwanted applications the right way.

Speed Up and Boost Mac Performance

Is your Mac running slowly? MobePas Mac Cleaner can terminate unresponsive windows and reduce loading time. With its multi-layered Mac acceleration technology, you can quickly reload tasks that are memory-hungry and keep them running smoothly.

Speed Up and Boost Mac Performance ​
Find and Delete Large Files in a Snap

Find and Delete Large Files in a Snap

It’s tough to free up disk space from a full hard drive. MobePas Mac Cleaner is an excellent tool for macOS that can list all your large files and allow you to get rid of useless ones in one click. Probably the most efficient means to get your storage cleaned up.

Fully Compatible with All Mac & macOS

MobePas Mac Cleaner is fully compatible with the latest macOS Monterey. Once you install it on your Mac, you can clean and optimize your Mac with one click. Keep your Mac always running fast.

Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips have greatly improved Mac performance. MobePas Mac Cleaner is also optimized for these two chips. Now MobePas Mac Cleaner can run 3 times faster on Macs equipped with these two chips. Clean and optimize your Mac in a couple of clicks.

Fully Compatible with All Mac & macOS

Customers reviews

My Mac was infected with something called “Advanced Mac Cleaner” which I couldn’t remove myself. MobePas Mac Cleaner detected and eliminated it in less that 20 minutes. Thank You!
I’ve been a Mac user for 10 or 11 years. I was one of these kind of guys, just like a lot of people that figured I never needed a virus scanner or any of that kind of stuff, but that days are long gone ladies and gentlemen. MobePas Mac Cleaner works very very well and will help you to remove malware from your Mac.
My previous antivirus which I downloaded from the App Store stated that my computer is clean, however the full system scan with MobePas Mac Cleaner revealed over 20 infections (trojans, adware, etc.)

Mac Cleaner

Keep Your Mac Healthy, Cleaner, Fast and Safe
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