7 Methods to Fix Spotify Waiting to Download Issue

Compared with Spotify Free, one of the most distinctive features of Spotify Premium is the ability to download songs for listening in Offline Mode. Thus, you don’t need to use your precious mobile data to play Spotify tracks on the go. However, when trying to download tracks from Spotify, you might encounter a bit of […]

6 Methods to Fix Spotify Not Showing on Lock Screen

It is normal to find that those users would remain vocal on any bugs from Spotify as Spotify has, for more than a few reasons, become the most popular music streaming on the planet. For a long time, lots of Android users are complaining that Spotify doesn’t show on the lock screen, but they cannot […]

How to Fix Spotify Not Working on Windows 11/10/8/7

Q: “Since upgrading to Windows 11, the Spotify app will no longer load. I completed a clean install of Spotify, including deleting all files and folders in AppData, restarting my PC, and uninstalling and reinstalling using both the stand-alone installer and the Microsoft Store version of the app, with no change in behavior. Is there […]

Spotify Can’t Play Local Files? How to Fix

“Recently I’ve been downloading some songs on my PC and uploading them to Spotify. However, a handful of songs do not play, but they do show up in local files and I’m not sure what I can do to fix it. All the music files are in MP3, tagged the same way I’ve tagged other songs. The songs can be played in […]

How to Remove Ads from Spotify

In today’s media-driven world, music streaming has become a hot market, and Spotify is one of the leading names in that market. For users, probably the best and simplest aspect of Spotify is that it’s free. Without subscribing to Premium Plan, you can access more than 70 million tracks, 4.5 billion playlists, and more than […]

Method to Play Spotify Music on Mi Band 5 Offline

Fitness tracking is a smart way to monitor progress on a fitness journey. And it gets better if you can bring inspiration along. So you’d wonder, how can one play Spotify Music on Mi Band 5? Mi Band 5 readily makes this readily possible with its new music control function that allows you to play […]

Best Method to Play Spotify Music on Honor MagicWatch 2

Honor MagicWatch 2 is not just for helping you monitor your health and trace your exercise with a range of health features and fitness modes. The updated version of Honor MagicWatch 2 allows you to control the music playback of your favorite tunes right from your wrist. Thanks to the MagicWatch 2’s 4GB built-in storage, […]

How to Get Spotify on Sony Smart TV for Playing

Spotify is a great streaming service, with over 70 million hits for your take. You can join as a free or premium subscriber. With a Premium account, you can get tons of services including playing add-free music from Spotify via Spotify Connect, but free users cannot enjoy this feature. Fortunately, Sony Smart TV has to […]

How to Add Spotify Music to HUAWEI Music for Playing

If you’re a user of HUAWEI mobile devices, you’re fairly familiar with HUAWEI Music – an official music player on all HUAWEI mobile devices. HUAWEI Music has been on a steady rise, as more and more users pledge their allegiance to this streaming service that serves them the best. This Spotify alternative lets you enjoy […]

How to Listen to Spotify Music on Huawei GT 2

Since smartwatches are getting more affordable, they could be a convenient device for you to choose from, and Huawei GT 2 is helping to lead the charge. As a sleek-looking wearable with long battery life, Huawei GT 2 is paying more and more attention. With its function of music playback, you can store lots of […]

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