How to Optimize Your Mac, iMac & MacBook in One Click

How to Optimize Your Mac (iMac & MacBook)

Summary: This post is about how to clean up and optimize your Mac. The lack of storage should be blamed for the annoying speed of your Mac. What you need to do is find out the trash files that are taking up so much space on your Mac and clean them up. Read the article to know how to speed up your Mac computer.

To optimize your iMac/MacBook, it is crucial to keep your Mac clean and make sure there is enough space left for the Mac system to run applications and load pages, especially for a Mac computer that has been used for years with less than 10% memory space left.

So how do you speed up your Mac? Regularly, you would try to empty your trash, remove old disk data such as images or documents, and clear the useless downloads to optimize your system. That is exactly the correct way to speed up a sluggish Mac. However, manually offloading files from Mac’s hard disk is not efficient enough because it requires hours to do so. With lots of Mac cleaners available on the internet, the key to optimizing your Mac is to choose a suitable Mac cleaner.

How to Optimize Your Mac with Mac Cleaner

MobePas Mac Cleaner is a wise choice. You’ll find the program:

  • Powerful: significantly improve your iMac/MacBook performance by cleaning system junk files, large & old files, duplicate files, applications, and application data.
  • Handy: remove all useless files on your Mac with one click.
  • Safe: ask for your permission before cleaning files so that they won’t delete any of your important files.

The program is compatible with Mac OS X as well as macOS Sierra. Additionally, MobePas Mac Cleaner is also considered to be the best alternative to the Clean My Mac app, another famous Mac cleaner app for cleaning and optimizing Mac. If your Mac is burdened by too many unneeded files, you can use MobePas Mac Cleaner to perform a complete clean-up for your Mac, deleting unneeded junk files, system files, large & old files, and duplicate files, apps, app files, and so on.

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Now you can follow the steps below to optimize Mac performance:

Step 1. Launch Mac Cleaner.

MobePas Mac Cleaner

Step 2. Choose “Smart Scan”. You can clean up your login items or system junk files, such as junk files, system logs, and so on. One of the features I like is that this Mac cleaner app will scan out the data which can be completely deleted without affecting the regular use of your computer. So you don’t have to worry about losing important files. Tick the trash files you want to delete, then click Clean to erase them all.

mac cleaner smart scan

Step 3. After using a Mac for some time, there must be some unneeded photos, videos, audio, and documents that are still occupying Mac storage. Select “Large & Old Files” to scan out large or duplicate files on your Mac. You can preview the files before deleting them.

remove large and old files on mac

Step 4. If you need to delete an app, it is not enough to just move the app to Trash. Choose “Uninstaller” on Mac Cleaner and it will scan out all apps and related app data on the Mac system. Click Clean to completely uninstall the app and delete its related data.

MobePas Mac Cleaner Uninstaller

Step 5. To clear the history of your browser, you can try “Privacy”. It allows you to clear your use history of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox with one click. Just select Privacy and tick the history that you want to delete on the right. Hit Clean to delete them all.

Mac Privacy Cleaner

Your Mac/MacBook’s performance should be significantly improved after the complete clean-up. If you have other tricks to optimize Mac/MacBook’s performance, feel free to share them with other users below.

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How to Optimize Your Mac, iMac & MacBook in One Click
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